Trip to Gorton Monastery – Tuesday 3rd March

The group will be going on a trip to Gorton Monastery on Tuesday 3rd March – there will be no meeting at the Library that day.

If anyone is interested in coming who wasn’t at the meeting last week, please can you make contact through the blog and we’ll see if we can fit you into one of the cars.

2 thoughts on “Trip to Gorton Monastery – Tuesday 3rd March

  1. Hello

    I remember some of the shops along Burnage Lane – Lane End. My family moved to 702 Burnage around 1962/63 and we had a shop there until it was burnt out in about 1974. The shop as Doug’s Walk Rond Store and was an ironmnongers and hardware shop, although over the years sales also included tropical fish. The shop backed on to The back of Dennies? not sure of the spelling, it was waste ground/ croft that linked Burnage Lane to Kingsway. The front of the property next to us was a small cobblers, and my parents owned the back section of the shop and it was an extension to the main shop. On the other side was a habidasher/ ladies underwear. I’m not sure if there was abother shop and then Deakons the grocers their shop was up a tiny ramp they were next to the chemist that was on the corner of Burnage Lane and Lane End. there was then a toy shop owned by the Woodward family, next to them I can’t remember, further along that row was a shop that sold wool and there was also a ladies dress shop owned by a lady called Beryl and a launderette. Athe end of the row was the hairdresssers. I think the dressshop was later replaced by a shoe shop.

    There was then a gap and the next shop was Groves sweet shop, The next shops I don’t remember. At the other end of that row on the corner was Barlow’s greengrocer and going round onto Kingsway was a shop that sold ornaments amongst other things and at the end was the chippy. On the other side of the road opposite Groves was a coblers, Tattershall’s, I remember they sold pork pies and tripe, There was also a cake shop. I remember a newsagent opposite Groves but I think it was not there in the early 60’s.

    There was a black and white building – a Bank on Kingsway on opposite side of the road from Barlow’s. The shops of the opposite side of Kingsway included a jewler, I think it was the last shop on that row towards Didsbury.

    On Burnage Lane going from out shop towards Green End there was a gap with shops on the other side, I think this modern row with masoneiets above was built in the late 1960/early 1970’s the first shop was a chinese restaurant called Chalrie Chan’s, he later opend a section of the shop as a take away, He had 3 son’s Alan, Brian and the youngest Charles. There was also a cafe next to them, they also sold cakes. On that row there was also a greengrocer perhaps owned by the Burns family.. At the end of that row was a Spar supermarket. I think The Spar was replaced at somepoint by another supermarket.

    On the opposite corner of Burnage Lane and Lane End was Reynolds Chains, there was an icecream van that used to stop there. Further along Burnage lane, running along side Reynolds Chains was the Monkey path, a short cut that led up to Didsbury road.

    On the croft behind the shops was also a bookmakers and on the far side I think was a wood yard. Lorries would get stuck in the mud sometimes when they tried to take a short cut .

    I hope this is of some use.



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