Milwain Road in the Nineteenth Century – A Rural Idyll?

One of the members of the group brought the deeds of his house to a session.  Amongst the deeds was an interesting map of the Milwain Road area prior to its development for housing.   The map provides a fascinating snapshot of the rural nature of the area bordering Levenshulme and Burnage in the middle of the nineteenth century.  Cringle Brook is clearly marked on the left hand side of the map (the top of the map is roughly west), and the names of the fields give us clues about the landscape at the time – Gorse Field was presumably named after gorse bushes.  The other fields have less original names – Far Pasture, Far Meadow, Long Pasture.  But the curiously named Widow Hole needs further research – it was probably owned by a widow at some point, but who and when is a mystery.  The neighbouring landowners are also shown on the map, James Bibby and Edward Rushton on one side, the trustees of the late Thomas Bibby on the other side.  The Bibbys were presumably the owners of Hyde Fold, but it is not entirely clear from which generation.  There was also a pond in Far Meadow, perhaps a horse pond to keep the farmers’ horses watered.

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